2018 Hair Trends Perfect for a Day at the Beach

Beach Hair Trends

Summer beach season is almost here. Is your hair ready? We're here to help you with some the hottest hairstyles and trending beach hair that have been seen on the fashion runways for 2018. Don't worry, they are totally doable and very versatile. Many of these spring and summer hair trends also happen to be well-suited for your Emerald Isle beach vacation days filled where there is plenty of sun, sand, salt and surf. We know you'll love these as much as we do! Let us know if you have a favorite style that worked for you during your beach vacation. 

Low Ponytails

There is something about a ponytail that starts at the base of the neck that is soft, feminine, and classy. It is both casual and romantic, so it can work for both daytime and evening looks. Low ponytails also happen to be the perfect pulled-back beach hairstyle.

Twisted Hair

Loose, low-slung hair twisted in a soft style that maintains its own uniqueness is hot, hot, hot. Hair twists that straddle the place between casual buns and upscale twists are wonderfully versatile and wearable on the beach and around town.

The Slicked-Back Wet Look

What hairstyle trend could be more fitting for a day at the beach? The slicked back wet look is now trending and makes for the easiest hairstyle to pull off during your beach vacation. What's not to love? Carry it over to your evenings out on the coastal towns. 

Over the Top Knots & Buns

A knot of hair atop the head has become a go-to for women, so it was good to see it all over the runways as part of the spring and summer 2018 hairstyle trends. This look is easy to achieve quickly, although you can also perfect and smooth it for any special occasion.

Messy Bangs

In line with other summer 2018 hairstyle trends, like unkempt, wind-blown hair, the bangs this season are also a little rough around the edges. Are they bangs? Are they front-cut layers? Either way, the messier the better this season.

Perfectly Parted Beach Hair

In almost complete juxtaposition to the messier styles this summer season, straight parts are the ideal counterpart (pardon the pun). Perfectly parted hair, whether in the middle or on the side, is just what your hair needs for balance.

Easy, Breezy Hair

Low-maintenance girls rejoice – there are just enough stylists keeping hair looking untouched and naturally wavy,  that it's one of the spring and summer 2018 hairstyle trends. Looking effortless has been a key part of fashion for decades, but we are talking about true summer carefree hair, without even a hint of heat styling.

Beach Braids

Braids aren't going anywhere this season. Beach braids are a wonderful way to keep your hair out of your face and styled to withstand the coastal elements. The 2018 braid trend is to have only a few braids strategically placed for maximum styling effect. Innovation is key this season, so choose your braids and their placement wisely. 

Trucker Hats

If these hair styles just don’t work for you, keep in mind that a cute beach hat is always on trend! Trucker hats with your favorite beach saying are styling, so don't forget to tuck one in your beach bag.

Wide-Brimmed Beach Hats

Wide-brimmed beach hats are also a beach must-have to keep the sun off your face and give your hair a little extra sun protection, too. Find one that reflects your beach motto and you'll be all the more trending.

If you love these beach hairstyles and want to see more of what's hot this summer, check out these Spring and Summer 2018 Hairstyle Trends right from the runways. 

Do you have any beach hair favorites? Let us know! Our comment section is always ready and waiting to hear from you. Happy styling!

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