10 Reasons Emerald Isle is the Perfect Family-Friendly Spring Break Spot

10 Reasons Why Emerald Isle NC is the Perfect Family Friendly Spring Break Spot

There's a lot to love about Emerald Isle! One of the many features that sets it apart from the rest is its family-friendly atmosphere coupled with the Southern hospitality you'd expect to find during your time in coastal North Carolina.


With spring approaching, you may feel the beach beckoning. Or perhaps your kids have off of school for spring break or extra days off for the upcoming Easter holiday. A trip to the beach is the perfect way to spend that time. After a long winter, everyone is ready for some sun, sand and surf!




Emerald Isle happens to be the perfect family-friendly spring break spot. Why? Here are 10 of the top reasons.




1. Emerald Isle was recently named one of the top beaches in America.


 Emerald Isle was cited for its family-friendly beaches and was the only North Carolina beach to rank in the Top 16 'Can't Miss' beaches in the country, according to a recent report by CNN. This comes as no surprise to those who live and vacation here, but it's worth mentioning. We're pretty proud of it!







2. More family-friendly vacation rentals, less hotels and motels.


Emerald Isle is not cluttered with side-by-side hotels and motels but instead offers a plenty of beach vacation rentals in a variety of locations, styles, sizes and accommodations. We here at Sun-Surf Realty cater to families when it comes to our rentals and value a family-oriented atmosphere both on and off the beach.




3. Outdoor family fun abounds.

Spring is an ideal time for family fun in the great outdoors here in coastal North Carolina. The hot weather hasn't arrived yet, the coastal palette isn't muted from the humidity, and you get the best of what our area has to offer without all of the hustle and bustle that comes along during the peak summer season.




The beach is a given, but have you considered some of our other options? Check out some of our featured posts on these family-friendly outdoor favorites this time of year.










4. Kid-friendly learning opportunities are unending.


From the North Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores and Fort Macon State Park to the NC Maritime Museum and Beaufort Historic Site and beyond, there are abundant opportunities for kids of every age and interest to learn, explore and expand their life experience. What better way to learn than to travel to places that are rich in history, proud of their heritage, and prepared to share what they know and love with you and your family? You can't put a price tag on that!




5. Less crowded beaches means more family fun.


Family loving the beachYes, the summer season is the busiest here in Emerald Isle, but compare that to other East Coast beach vacation destinations and you'll find that it's far less crowded. That's a plus in many respects, but it's especially nice for families. Spread out your beach blanket, toys, umbrellas, coolers and whatever else you've brought for a day at the beach and make yourself comfortable.




Springtime is perfect for a family beach vacation on Emerald Isle. The summer vacationers aren't here yet and you've got a lot more of our beautiful beaches to yourself. There's less worry when it comes to keeping an eye on the kids, since there isn't a sea of people blocking your view. Emerald Isle has areas of calm green-blue waters that make for kid-friendly wading and splashing around. Not to mention that finding your spot on the sand is a breeze.


The bottom line is you're looking at more sand, sea and sky and less obstacles to hinder your views and your fun.





6. Lots of local festivals and events to experience.


Whether you're looking for a taste of the local flavor right in Emerald Isle or anywhere along the Crystal Coast, you'll find an extensive list of local events and festivals happening during your stay. The best places to find out what's happening locally is on the Town of Emerald Isle events page. For a greater area-wide resource, visit the Crystal Coast events page.




7. Emerald Isle has the activities that kids love most.


Mini golf? Check. Water park? Check. Bowling? Check. The usual favorites of any family beach vacation are found here. However you like to spend your time off the beach, you'll find that you have more than enough options for fun-filled family outings. Check out the Emerald Isle family-favorite activities and see what we have to offer.




8. Emerald Isle is a great place for shelling.


A beach vacation isn't complete without some beach combing. Scouring the sand for coastal treasures is a quintessential beach vacation favorite. Amp up the fun for the kids with Sun-Surf Realty's Shelling Scavenger Hunt. Download the printable shelling sheet and let the kids go on an epic shelling adventure as they seek out some of the best sea shells on our coastline. Also check out our tips on the best shelling locations, conditions and other things you need to know.




9. The Emerald Isle Bike Path is a local and visitor favorite.


The Emerald Path extends approximately 11 miles from the Indian Beach town limits all the way to The Point at Bogue Inlet. Snaking through the downtown district and passing by key destinations around the island including Emerald Plantation, Hwy 58 Bicycles, 4J's Cafe and Bake Shop, and the new Emerald Isle Welcome Center, this path is a great way to get to know Emerald Isle. Instead of driving to your favorite Emerald Isle spots, you can bike it! The Emerald Path ranks pretty high on the family fun scale. 




The bike path not only provides fun and easy access for riding your bike through Emerald Isle, but it allows for a safe place to bike, walk, run, or skate. Without the worry of traffic, or motor vehicles of any kind, families are safe to take even small children for an afternoon along the bike path.







10. Emerald Isle's beaches are the best family-friendly activity of them all.

 Family enjoying the ocean

Let's face it, the beaches here are stunning with their pristine sands and sparkling blue-green waters. The beach is what most people come here for, families especially. The beach offers infinite ways to enjoy your time in the sun whether you're walking the shoreline, flying a kite in the coastal breeze, building a sandcastle, wave jumping, riding a boogie board, tossing a frisbee, or brushing up on your beach volleyball skills.




Emerald Isle is safe, welcoming, friendly and we know you and your family will love it here as much as we do. Come and see for yourself. Spring is just around the corner and you deserve a break. Start your Emerald Isle Spring Break vacation planning and start counting down the days until your toes are in the sand.





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Do you have a spring break getaway to Emerald Isle planned? When can we expect to see you?



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