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Emerald Isle has an abundance of wildlife due to

the ecology of our maritime area. Unfortunately,

this also means that we have a large population of

ants, water bugs and sand fleas. In the case of a

serious problem, we will schedule an exterminator.

Until he arrives, thorough vacuuming, insect repel-

lent and spray may help.


Use of amenities offered at vacation rentals such

as swimming pools, hot tubs, elevators, Jacuzzi/

whirlpool tubs, golf carts or any other type amenity

or appliance is used at guest’s own risk. We can-

not guarantee that they will be operational during

your stay. We will, however, make every attempt

to make repairs but discounts or refunds will not be

given should they not work during your stay.


While some of our vacation rentals offer handicap

friendly properties, please note that they are NOT

ADA APPROVED. Boating is available and very

popular in our area. Please note that our area is

very shallow in many areas. We can not guaran-

tee you access to your dock with your boat in our

sound front homes. Sun-Surf Realty is not responsi-

ble for any circumstances beyond our control, such

as disturbances on nearby properties, construction

noise or debris, or acts of nature.


By NC law, an agent must notify you that Sun-Surf

Realty is employed by and represents the proper-

ty owner. Sun-Surf Realty will make every effort to


you in the selection of your rental property. Sun-Surf

Realty may earn commissions or fees for any or all

services provided. Sun-Surf Realty, its owners, and

their Brokers may hold interest in vacation rental

properties, companies or services offered. Sun-Surf

Realty shall conduct brokerage activities in regard

to this, or any agreement, without respect to race,

color, religion, sex, sexual orientation and gender,

national origin, handicap or familial status of any

guest. Sun-Surf Realty may receive a commission

or percentage for services provided through our

office including but not limited to, travel insurance,

linens, rental items and various other activities of-

fered. Every effort has been made to ensure that

information in the brochure is accurate. Some de-

scriptions may not reflect changes to, or new in-

formation about, rental homes after the brochure

is printed. We suggest that you view our website

for the latest and most up to date information. The

vacation property should not be used or occupied

by more than the maximum allowable number of

occupants including tenant’s family, children, and

guests. State health rules base occupancy on two

persons per permitted bedroom. Due to state regu-

lations regarding septic permits, some information

presented may be inaccurate as the availability of

these permits is limited. Every effort has been made

to ensure all information is accurate and specific

guidelines of the Carteret County Health Depart-

ment have been followed. Our realty firm shall

not be liable for unintentional errors, omissions,

or changes in the advertisement of bedrooms and

occupancy. The information herein is believed to

be accurate and timely, but no warranty as such is

expressed or implied.


All information presented in the brochure and on

the website should be considered as informational

only with no misrepresentation intended.