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be removed from the beach strand each night. All

unattended items left on the beach between 7 pm

and 8 am are now illegal, and will be confiscated

and removed by Town staff. Holes deeper than 12”

in the sand must be filled in completely when you

leave the beach. Large holes are a safety hazard

for others using the beach, as well as for nesting

sea turtles and their offspring.


Not all of our properties are equipped with tele-

phones. A furnished phone is for your convenience

and local calls are free. Long distance calls and/

or charges incurred to the property’s phone will be

billed to the guest plus a $15 service fee.



Upon arrival you will receive 2 keys and the nec-

essary gate cards (2 per condo), parking passes

(2 cars/passes per condo only), and pool passes.

Your signature will be required to confirm receipt

of parking/pool passes and gate cards. If you

check-in after hours, discrepancies in the number

of passes or gate cards must be reported to our

office immediately. Otherwise you will be charged

for missing passes. Please return these to our rent-

al office upon departure. There will be a $25 fee

charged for each key that is not returned at check-

out. There will also be a charge of $25 to $100

for each gate card, parking pass or pool pass that

is not returned at check-out. These charges cannot

be refunded if items are returned at a later date.


If you are locked out of your vacation rental during

normal business hours, please come to our office

for a key. After business hours, call our office and

leave a message on our emergency service line.

An agent of Sun-Surf Realty will contact you. If an

agent must bring a key to you, a $50 charge is due

at the time of the service.


We cannot guarantee against mechanical failure

of heating, air conditioning, TVs, DVDs, internet,

or other appliances. We will make every effort to

troubleshoot internet issues with the provider but

please keep in mind an appointment may be re-

quired at a later date. While rare, all pools and

hot tubs are subject to temporary closing due to

extenuating circumstances. Please report any inop-

erative equipment to our office promptly. We will

make every effort to have repairs made quickly

and efficiently. Please note that we are unable to

offer refunds for failure of any equipment or service

in the property.


Occasionally it may be necessary to cancel a con-

firmed reservation because of unforeseen repairs

or a situation that proves to be unsafe for the guest.

If this occurs, Sun-Surf Realty will make every effort

to locate a property to move the guest. Should the

alternate property be more expensive, the guest is

responsible for any additional costs.


Sun-Surf Realty makes every effort to locate lost

items, but is not responsible for items left behind.

Upon request, items will be mailed to you via USPS

C.O.D.; there will be a $30 handling fee. Any

items left for over 14 days will be donated to local




Some vacation rentals are built on piano key lots.

Properties on “piano key” lots have direct water

access, good views and may have homes in front

of and/or to the left and right of your home. Please

check the property description to see if your prop-

erty is on a piano key lot. A reverse floor plan is

popular in many of our properties. This means that

the living/kitchen/dining area is on the top level of

the property with only roof and sky above.



Our properties may occasionally be listed for sale.

We appreciate your cooperation in allowing the

property to be shown to qualified buyers. We will

make every effort to schedule the showing at a con-

venient time and not interrupt your vacation. In the

event the property you have rented is sold prior to

your arrival, our office will notify you of change