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How to Make a Difference on World Sea Turtle Day

  You may not even be aware of this, but you should be! Did you know that there is a day on the calendar to honor sea turtles? World Sea Turtle Day happens every June 16th, making it the ideal time to step up and take action. World Sea Turtle Day is a special day to recognize, appreciate and... View the full post »

The Most Exciting Emerald Isle Events This Month

June is sizzling hot with fun local events and things to do in Emerald Isle, North Carolina. Enjoy your beach days, but also check out what's happening around town this month. You won't want to miss these fun Emerald Isle events, so mark down these dates on your calendar.   Here... View the full post »

The Best of Summer on the Crystal Coast

We're putting the spotlight on summer on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina where beautiful beaches abound, the Atlantic Ocean is your constant companion, and the smell of the salty air makes you feel right at home on the Southern Outer Banks. We're featuring the highlights of summer in... View the full post »

The Top 10 Reasons to Love Life on Emerald Isle

  We talk about life on Emerald Isle because we love it so much and feel fortunate to live, work and play in such a beautiful place. In the spirit of this sentiment, we've decided to highlight the top 10 reasons we love life here. When you vacation here, you only get a glimpse of what th... View the full post »

Brilliant Hacks for the Best Beach Day Ever

  A day at the beach should be just as it sounds—easy, carefree and the best it can be. Forget the hassle and stress of too much packing and planning, instead just stick to the beach essentials! Bring the minimum of what you'll actually need and use for a day at the beach and you'r... View the full post »

How to Make the Most of Your Memorial Day on the Crystal Coast

The Memorial Day holiday is quickly approaching and the start of the summer season is right around the corner. Where are you going to celebrate Memorial Day this year? Come to Emerald Isle, North Carolina where life is a beach all year long, but especially on the weekends and holidays. Spend you... View the full post »

Emerald Isle Events You Need to Know About This Month

Wow, it's hard to believe that May is here already. Here comes summertime in full force! Long lazy days on the beach, splashing around in the cool Atlantic, and all that the start of beach season brings are on deck this month. From the start of sea turtle nesting season to the symbolic start... View the full post »

What You Need to Know About Relocating to Emerald Isle

  You've dreamed of island life where the pace is a little slower, the scenery is spectacular and sun, sand and surf are your constant companions. Why just dream? Make beach living your happy reality. Moving to Emerald Isle, North Carolina is a choice made by beach lovers far and wide wh... View the full post »

The Most Powerful Ways to Show Mom Love and Appreciation

Mother's Day is coming up and perhaps you've started thinking about how best to show the moms in your life—whether it be your wife, your mother or your mother-in-law, or all of the above—just how special and valued they really are. How can you adequately express your love and appreci... View the full post »

The Best Reads for Your Emerald Isle Vacation

    Everyone needs a few good reads to tuck into their beach bag this season. What better way to relax on the beach or in your Emerald Isle rental than with a book that's actually set in Emerald Isle? If you're like me, you love reading books about the places you visit or vac... View the full post »

The Most Popular April Events on the Crystal Coast

What's happening on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina in April? So, so much! You'll want to get your calendar out for this. Mark down these dates with awesome events from Emerald Isle to Beaufort and everywhere in between. It's going to be a busy month here, so it's best to sta... View the full post »

How to Find the Best Real Estate Agent for You

Finding a trusted real estate agent to help you in your home buying or selling journey is important. You're investing your time and money, so of course you want a real estate professional who is reliable and effective to help you navigate the real estate market with ease and efficiency. But ... View the full post »

The Most Beautiful Things About Emerald Isle in Spring

  Springtime on the coast of North Carolina is verdant, refreshing and blossoming with coastal beauty as far as the eye can see. Imagine yourself inhaling the fresh ocean air, watching the sun as it reflects off the sparkling Atlantic waters, feeling the warmth of the sun on your face and th... View the full post »

Why a Family Spring Break is the Best Gift to Your Kids

  Do you take a spring break vacation with your family every year? If not, we'd like you to reconsider! There are so many benefits to booking a spring getaway with your family. Why wait until summer? Now is the time to get excited and embark on some family adventures together. We've ... View the full post »

The Best March Events and Things To Do on the Crystal Coast

The weather is fabulous, the days are getting longer and the coastal nights are star-filled and breathtaking on the coast of North Carolina. March has arrived and with spring on the horizon, the Crystal Coast is heating up with locally loved festivals, events and plenty of things to do both on t... View the full post »