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What Is the Scoop on the New Emerald Isle, NC Dog Park?

Have you heard the news? There's a new dog park coming to town! It's a place where dogs and dog owners alike can socialize, get to know each other better, and just have some fun. Here are a few things you need to know about the Emerald Isle dog park and the upc... View the full post »

The Best Cocktails to Get You in the Mood for Fall

Fall is in the air and we're getting you in the mood for a taste of the season with these fabulous adult cocktails that are sure to please. Bring on the pumpkin, apple and warm spices that are the signature flavors of the autumn months. Don't forget to add a littl... View the full post »

20 Quotes That Will Bring You Back to the Beach

Just because summer has passed doesn't mean that you have to wait another year for your next beach vacation. Emerald Isle, North Carolina happens to be fabulous in the shoulder and off seasons where there is more beach for you to enjoy and less having to share it with... View the full post »

7 Rookie Mistakes Not to Make When Buying a House

Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or someone who has bought a house in the past but needs a refresher, today we're discussing what not to do when buying a home. These rookie mistakes will cost you time, money and unnecessary stress so be sure to read up on the... View the full post »

The Most Popular September 2018 Events in Emerald Isle

Labor Day is almost here and the unofficial end of the summer season is upon us. That went by quickly, didn't it? The good news is that the summer spirit lingers on here in Emerald Isle, NC—and so do the beach fun and festivities. As autumn approaches, you can still... View the full post »

Why a Beach Vacation in the Off Season is the Best

Sure, summer beach vacations are awesome. But have you given any thought to taking an off-season beach vacation? Maybe you don't equate a beach vacation with the fall and winter months, but we really think that you should seriously consider it—or even better, start ... View the full post »

What Is a Long-Term Rental and Is It a Good Fit for You?

Do you know what defines a long-term vacation rental? How is it different from the usual weekly vacation rental? Do you ever wonder if it may be the right choice for you and your family? If you need some clarification on exactly what a long-term rental is and its adv... View the full post »

All You Need to Know About Labor Day and the Best of the NC Coast

Can you believe that Labor Day is right around the corner? It's time to wistfully celebrate the symbolic end of summer for another year. Sigh. Don't be too sad, though. You can always come to the beautiful Crystal Coast of North Carolina and have an Emerald Isle b... View the full post »

The Best August 2018 Events and Things To Do in Emerald Isle

Wait. How are we even talking about August right now? Time flies when you're having fun! Beach life is in full swing here in Emerald Isle, North Carolina, and lucky for us the summer vibe continues well beyond Labor Day here. We're rounding up the best of August 2... View the full post »

Cheap, Easy and Fun Beach Games for the Kids

Sometimes you need a few things for the family to do to bring everyone together and have a little fun, game time, and laughter. Or maybe the kids just need a little extra direction and focus during your beach days. We've rounded up the best beach games that everyone i... View the full post »

How to Easily Fit Everything into Your Beach Cooler

Beach days are the best days! Having a perfectly packed beach cooler is a life skill you need to have. Managing all you need to eat and drink and then packing it right are essential skills for any beach lover—but particularly when you have family and kids in tow. Here a... View the full post »

5 Home Decor Mistakes You Do Not Want to Make

Keeping your home fresh, modern and the best it can be is a continual process. More often than not, it's not a huge makeover your home needs but some small changes that make a big difference. Today we're talking about what not to do when you're decorating or r... View the full post »

3 of the Most Popular July 2018 Events in Emerald Isle

Every time we do our monthly event posts for Emerald Isle, it's hard to believe how fast 2018 is flying by. Can't you just see the calendar pages being torn off in what seems to be fast forward? Yet here we are, halfway through the year, with the summer beach seas... View the full post »

Quick, Easy and Healthy Snacks Perfect for a Day at the Beach

Are you looking for some healthy, yummy and easy snacks that you can easily make in your Emerald Isle vacation rental or to take with you to the beach? We've got some simply amazing snack ideas for you! We've rounded up some of the best beach snacks from Pinterest... View the full post »

Top 10 Things That Ought To Be in Your Beach Bag

Packing your beach bag may not be something you give a whole lot of thought to, but you should! You don't want your beach day ruined because you forgot something simple—yet necessary. Here's a quick top 10 list of beach bag must-haves to ensure you don'... View the full post »