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October Events and Things To Do on the NC Coast

Say hello to October at the beach! Autumn is here and with it comes the beauty of the season along with all of the sun, sand and surf to make your month even better. Who says you can't enjoy the best of both worlds? Fall at the beach is the best! October in Emerald Is... View the full post »

5 Skills All Homeowners Should Have Under Their Belt

Homeownership definitely requires upkeep and maintenance, so the more you can do yourself to keep costs down, the better. Of course, you want to familiarize yourself with the basic skills that every homeowner should master so you don't have to call someone for help ev... View the full post »

Beautiful Quotes That Get You in the Mood for Fall

Autumn is not far off and we're excited for beautiful beach days filled golden sunrises and sunsets, perfect coastal temperatures, and miles of sandy shorelines. One of the best parts of autumn in Emerald Isle, NC is the idyllic blend of beach life and fall beauty all... View the full post »

Are You an NC Lighthouse Expert? Find Out Here!

Ah, lighthouses. So intriguing! Most North Carolina lighthouses fall under the classification of coastal lights, structures built to warn mariners of treacherous shoals lying just offshore. Others are harbor lights, whose presence guides ships to protected bays an... View the full post »

September 2019 Events and Things To Do on the NC Coast

If you're feeling sad because Labor Day is almost here, marking the symbolic end of summer—don't worry! The summer spirit lives on in Emerald Isle and all along the NC coast well beyond the summer months. In fact, the upcoming months offer up some of the most be... View the full post »

All You Need to Know About Your Emerald Isle Rental

It's never too early to start planning your next Emerald Isle, North Carolina beach vacation. As summer fades, you can look forward to the next time you're on the beautiful NC coast no matter which season it is. It all starts by booking your Emerald Isle rental. F... View the full post »

When You Should Have a Buyers Agent on Your Side

Most people are familiar with listing agents and what their roles is in a real estate transaction. However buyer's agents are not always as well known and their role is sometimes not as clearly understood as it should be. Today we're talking about buyer's agen... View the full post »

10 of the Best NC Aquarium Adventures Ever

One of our favorite places to go here on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina is the NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores. The aquarium is not far from your Emerald Isle rental and only about 15 minutes down the road on Highway 58, which is the main thoroughfare along the isla... View the full post »

August 2019 Events and Things To Do on the NC Coast

Wow, where did the summer go? August is here and summer is winding down, but it's not too late to enjoy all of the summer fun in the sun on the NC coast. We're putting the spotlight on some of the best family-friendly events and things to do all month long in Emer... View the full post »

All You Need to Know About Real Estate Agent Titles

Provisional brokers, dual agents and brokers-in-charge, oh my! So many real estate titles, so little time to research them all. No worries! We have the short list of the most common real estate designations and types of agents you can find—and all right here in one plac... View the full post »

The Best Beach Quotes To Live By

Beach quotes and life quotes go hand in hand. There is so much to be gained from just being near the wide expanse of ocean waters and the sprawling sandy shorelines. So much symbolism, so much beauty, so much perspective to be gained. Today we've rounded up some simpl... View the full post »

The Most Refreshing Treats for a Hot Day at the Beach

Nothing tastes better on a hot day at the beach than some refreshing treats that both satisfy your craving for something cold—and that taste really good, too. Here are a few of our favorite beach foods that will make you say "aaahhhhh". Click on each photo to save it to... View the full post »

July 2019 Events and Things To Do on the NC Coast

July at the beach is the best! Cool off in the Atlantic waters and play on the sand. While you're here, check out all of the fun and family-friendly events in Emerald Isle and all along the Crystal Coast of North Carolina. You won't want to miss these! Don't f... View the full post »

Can Emerald Isle Living Improve Your Quality of Life?

Have you ever thought about your current quality of life in the place you call home? Is it at the level you desire it to be or do you find it a little bit lacking in some areas? Although quality of life expectations are different for everyone, there are driving factors th... View the full post »

The Best Captions for Your Beach Vacation Photos

You're at the beach, finally. You're having a great Emerald Isle, NC beach vacation. You want to share a few vacation photos on social media with your friends and share the love while you're here. We totally get it! We've rounded up a few of the best short... View the full post »