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The Most Adorable Captions for Beach Photos with Your Dog

Can you ever take enough cute photos with your pup? No way! If you have some beach photos with your dog you've been wanting to share or you're planning to take a few selfies at the beach this summer with your four-legged friend, then we have the photo captions you... View the full post »

Best Quotes to Make You Feel Like You Are at the Beach

We all miss the beach throughout the year, especially when it's been awhile since our last beach vacation. To get you feeling the Emerald Isle beach vibes again, we're sharing some of our most favorite beach quotes with you to get you through until you can be here... View the full post »

Rent or Buy? 10 Things You Need to Know First

Deciding between renting a home or buying a home is not always as simple as it may seem. There are important factors to weigh out before making a financial decision such as this. If you're not sure which way to go at this point in your life, Sun-Surf Realty in Emerald... View the full post »

How to Stay Safe and Enjoy the Best of Emerald Isle Beach

Any time you go on a vacation, it makes sense that you and your family should be informed on what to expect in the local area you're visiting and what you need to know to have the best beach vacation possible. It's a good idea to get the family together for a quic... View the full post »