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10 of the Most Pet-Friendly Places in Emerald Isle

Cute, furry, four-legged family members love an Emerald Isle vacation just as much as the rest of the family. The good news is you don't have to leave them behind while you whisk everyone else away on a family beach getaway to the Crystal Coast of North Carolina. Choose an amazing pet-friendly... View the full post »

5 Fantastic Ways a Vacation Rental Saves You Money

  Do you know all the ways a vacation rental can save you money? You should! We're only highlighting five of the biggest budget-friendly reasons today, but the list is much longer than that. Not to mention that you get to choose the location, size and style of your rental—plus all of t... View the full post »

How to Know if a Beach Home is Right for You

Owning a beach home is an exciting endeavor, one that many people only dream of. Have you been wondering if buying a beach home is right for you and your family? Let us help. We have the important questions you need to consider before committing to coastal real estate. Like any big investment, y... View the full post »

The Best October Events and Things to Do in EI

  Can you believe that October 2017 is almost here? Crazy! Time flies when you're having fun on the beach. The good news is that beach season doesn't end when fall arrives here on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina. It just gets more beautiful. Cooler temps, lower humidity and stunn... View the full post »