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The Most Important Reasons You Need Emerald Isle in Your Life

  Are you craving the sun, sand, salt and sea? Then you need a little Emerald Isle, North Carolina in your life! In fact, there are plenty more important reasons to make Emerald Isle a bigger part of your life. We're pretty sure you'll agree that everything is better at the beach and i... View the full post »

What You Need to Know About a Wedding on the NC Coast

Are you in search of a beach wedding destination on the breathtaking North Carolina coast where there are stunning shorelines, picturesque sunsets and idyllic beaches where nature's backdrop can be your wedding canvas? Then look no further. We've gathered up all of the wedding informatio... View the full post »

This Event is the Sweetest Thing on the Crystal Coast

You do know what February on the Crystal Coast means, right? Here's a few hints. It's dark. It's rich. It's sweet. It's indulgent. It's delicious. Have you guessed? If you guessed chocolate, you are correct! It is most definitely all about chocolate this month on the Crys... View the full post »

Why Emerald Isle is the Place to Invest Your Time and Money

Emerald Isle, North Carolina is known for its 12 miles of pristine shoreline, beautiful beaches, sparkling blue-green Atlantic waters, and family-friendly atmosphere which are all complemented with a good dose of Southern charm and a friendly, welcoming community. Whether you choose to visit and... View the full post »

3 Things to Love About February on the Crystal Coast

It's hard to believe that February is almost here, but it is. Where does the time go? We're well into a new year and another new month is on the horizon. Before long, spring is going to make its presence fully known (we've had a few sneak peaks already) with warmer temperatures, more... View the full post »