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25 Things You Should Know About the Emerald Isle St. Patrick's Festival

  In celebration of the 25th Annual Emerald Isle St. Patrick's Festival in 2016, we're highlighting 25 things you should know about the event. As you probably already do know, this is a BIG event here in Emerald Isle and on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina—treasured by bo... View the full post »

The Best Ways to Spend Easter in Emerald Isle

        This time of the year on North Carolina's Crystal Coast is better experienced than described. Words just don't do it justice. The colors are vibrant, the ocean air is refreshing, the sand is cool on your feet, and the sun warms your face. Life is... View the full post »

What You Need to Know About Eastern North Carolina Barbecue

  Depending on what part of the country you're in, barbecue can be a really hot topic with very specific ideas of what it is and how it is prepared. North Carolina is one of those such places. North Carolina is a bit conflicted, actually, as there are two regional barbecue styles an... View the full post »

Hot Bites and Cool Blues on the Crystal Coast

There is always a reason to get out on the town during your Crystal Coast vacation! In addition to a bounty of local restaurants and eateries, you always have area events, festivals, attractions and things to do that extend well beyond the beach.       This time of y... View the full post »