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Top 10 Tips for Kayaking Along the Coast

  This month we want to get back into nature! With the gorgeous Eastern North Carolina weather, it is hard not to find any excuse to be outside. There is no better place to be outside than in Emerald Isle; and if being outside wasn’t enough, why not be outside and out on the water? It doesnâ... View the full post »

The 8 Best Hiking Trails on the Crystal Coast

*UPDATED OCTOBER 2018There is never a better time to be outside than during your Emerald Isle vacation! As we’re highlighting the great outdoor activities along the Crystal Coast, it’s hard to ignore all the great hiking trails in the area. Hiking is a gr... View the full post »

5 Pressing Questions Answered: Fishing in Emerald Isle

*UPDATED OCTOBER 2018One of the best ways that you can get outside is by doing what the locals here have been doing since Emerald Isle was born: fishing! Fishing is such a fun activity for the whole family. With the salty sea breeze, warm sun, a fishing pole in your hand, and a choi... View the full post »