Free Vacation Journal Page for All the Best Memories

Free Vacation Journal Page for All the Best Memories

Vacations are made for memories! But how do you keep track of your kids’ vacation memories year after year so you can look back upon them? Having them keep a vacation journal is one way to capture the most memorable moments. Before you head out on your next Emerald Isle, NC beach vacation, take a minute to download and print this free vacation journal page for each of your kids. It’s usable for both younger and older kids with space to either draw or write out their answers to the questions. This vacation memories journal page is a great way to culminate your vacation and engage your kids with a little quiet time in your Emerald Isle vacation rental

Need a few more reasons why your kids should keep a travel journal? Keep reading!

5 Really Good Reasons Kids Should Journal Vacation Memories

1. Journaling a great way to keep treasured vacation memories.

Remembering the highlights of each and every vacation is easier said than done. Over time, memories and moments begin to blend together while others are sometimes completely forgotten. A vacation journal is the perfect way to capture that moment in time so your family can look back upon them for years to come. 

2. Journaling is fun.

Encourage your kids to draw and write in their journals. It doesn’t have to be all about words, especially if you have reluctant writers. Allow them to sketch, doodle, or draw out their memories. Give them options to add stickers, photos, and even keepsakes from their trip to accompany their journal page.

3. Journaling boosts creativity.

Journaling is a creative pursuit, especially if you incorporate sketching, doodling, making verses and poems, coloring, and a whole lot more. A child’s creativity is at its peak in their early years. Encouraging them to engage in such activities is the best way to nourish their creative side. You are also fostering a creative habit that just may carry into their adult lives.

4. Journaling strengthens communication skills.

Journaling is one great way to enhance your child’s written communication skills even when they’re not in school. Keeping a journal allows kids to record their observations and wonderings while on a trip. At the same time, they get to enhance their vocabulary, spelling, grammar and sentence structure through regular writing habit.

5. A vacation journal becomes a personal souvenir for years to come.

Lastly, journaling provides for richer memories than just selfies or the simple act of observing. When they journal, kids remember a scene longer because they take more time to catalog it into their long-term memory bank. Their journal becomes a personal souvenir. A tangible output they can show to you, to their friends, teachers and relatives, and even pass on to future generations!

Are you ready to make a vacation journal your new family vacation tradition? Great! Feel free to use the free vacation journal page below. It’s the perfect way to wrap up your Emerald Isle beach vacation. Gather the kids together and give them time to reflect on the vacation time, draw and/or write out their thoughts, and then share them with the family. Vacation memories are priceless! Don’t let them get away.

Free Vacation Journal Page for All the Best Memories


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Free Vacation Journal Page for All the Best Memories

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