Funny Beach Fails with Kids That Will Make You LOL

Funny Beach Fails with Kids That Will Make You LOL

Do you love watching bloopers of kids on the beach? Do you need a good laugh? Do you want to take a little virtual beach break right about now? If any or all of these apply to you, then you’ll definitely want to watch these funny beach fails with kids to brighten up your day—and your mood. While you’re laughing out loud at these cute video clips, it’s also the perfect time to start planning your next Emerald Isle beach vacation with your family. Kids love it here! You cannot give a better gift to your kids than the opportunity to make memories that last a lifetime, along with some good old-fashioned quality time spent together with family. Priceless! Book your family-friendly Emerald Isle vacation rental today and start counting down the days. In the meantime, enjoy these funny beach videos.



⬅ Try These Kid-Friendly Beach Hacks

What do bread tags, ice cube trays, mesh bags and inflatable baby pools have to do with the beach? Find out here! These beach hacks make your family vacation go much smoother. Parent smarter, not harder. Check out some of our top kid-friendly beach before you start packing up for your Emerald Isle beach vacation. These beach hacks are simple yet helpful when you have kids with you on your beach vacation. You’re welcome!

⬅ Save Money on Family-Friendly Emerald Isle Vacation Rentals

There is absolutely no need to break the bank when it comes to planning a family vacation. Like any other expense, a well-planned vacation can be affordable without sacrificing anything you need or want from your vacation time. Read up on how you can save big bucks on your Emerald Isle vacation rental right here by viewing Sun-Surf Realty’s specials and discounts. Check back often for new vacation rental savings. 

⬅ Make Kid-Friendly Meals Right in Your Vacation Rental

You’re going to need some kind of meal plan in advance of your beach vacation. Dining out is fine for some of your meals, but it can be really expensive to eat out three meals a day with your family. That’s where your vacation rental kitchen comes in! It has just what you need to dine in without the hassle. What to make? No worries—we’ve got some family-friendly recipes for you that are quick and easy—and that the kids are going to love. 

⬅ Have Some Beach Games Ready for the Kids

The beach makes kids of all ages pretty happy—from the littlest ones to the older teens. But some days you might need a little “extra” to make the day go smoothly. That’s why we gathered up some of the best beach games that require very little equipment, prep work, or money. You’ll want to bookmark this blog for future reference, but for now go ahead and read up on these favorite beach games and activities for the kids and kids-at-heart.

⬅ Use These Family Vacation Game Night Ideas

When your day beach day is over, dinner has been enjoyed, and everyone starts to scatter in every direction—that’s when you want to suggest a little friendly competition in the form of family game night. Yes, you can do this right in your vacation rental. All it takes is a few minutes of advance planning before you leave for your vacation (so you have what you need), and you’re all set. When was the last time you all sat down for a few laughs and some fun games? Too long, right? Right!

⬅ Enjoy All the Free Family Things To Do in Emerald Isle, NC

You definitely need to take a look at all the free, family-friendly things to do in Emerald Isle before filling up your vacation days with too many costly adventures. All of your family vacation outings need not be expensive! There are plenty of ways to enjoy the best of our town and our beaches without spending a dime. We have a wonderful list of them right on this blog. Which of these are part of your family’s Emerald Isle beach vacation? We want to know!

Funny Beach Fails with Kids That Will Make You LOL

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