Understand the Basics of Emerald Isle Tides

A person walking along the beach in Emerald Isle during low tide.

It won’t take long to figure out why Emerald Isle is known as the gem of the Crystal Coast. This North Carolina town rests on the sandy Bogue Banks Island shoreline and is home to countless activities vacationers of all ages will enjoy. Set off from your Sun-Surf Realty on memorable adventures like a day trip to Swansboro or treating yourself to a bit of shopping. If you’re hoping to spend time out on the water or near the shoreline, be sure you have an understanding of the changing Emerald Isle tides.

What to Know about the Different Tides

If you’ve ever wandered along the shoreline at different times of the day and noticed the water level was different, this difference was caused by changing tides. Things like the rotational force of the Earth and the moon’s gravitational pull cause tides to rise and fall. High tide occurs when the water goes as high as it can onto the shoreline. When water has receded to its furthest point, this is called low tide. On average, shorelines will have two low and two high tides during a 24-hour period. 

When to Enjoy Your Favorite Activities

To tell when high and low tides are estimated to occur, you want to look at a tide chart or tide table for Emerald Isle. You can find tide charts online or download apps that provide this information. There is also helpful information out there on how to read tide tables to make sure you understand the information correctly. 

Not only can the rising and falling tides change the landscape of Emerald Isle’s shoreline, but they can also impact when you want to enjoy certain activities.

  • If you’re looking to cast your line fishing, you want a falling tide, which occurs about two hours before low tide. 
  • Surfing is best enjoyed between high and low tides, which provides optimal waves and safer conditions.
  • Low tide or falling tide is the perfect time for shelling, as things like tide pools and other beach treasures are exposed.

Escape to the Beach on an Emerald Isle Getaway

The porch from an Emerald Isle vacation rental to watch the changing tides from.

There’s nothing better than trading in the sounds of the city for the sounds of the beach. Get the most out of your sandy escape to Emerald Isle by learning about the changing tides. Before heading out from your Sun-Surf Realty vacation rental, check the tide chart, then set off on a memorable beach day.

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