Become an Expert Beach Sheller on Emerald Isle, North Carolina

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The sandy beaches near your Sun-Surf Realty vacation rental are the perfect location to enjoy a relaxing day soaking in the North Carolina sunshine. Whether you’re visiting the area with family or friends, there’s nothing better than breathing in the ocean air while enjoying a day of nothingness. Take a break from swimming in the Atlantic Ocean, and go shelling on the beach in Emerald Isle, North Carolina.

The Best Beaches for Shelling While Staying in Emerald Isle

The official term for finding and collecting shells on the beach is shelling. There’s no shortage of sandy beaches waiting for you to wander up and down looking for shells. Sun-Surf Realty even has a scavenger hunt of shells to look for on the beach. If you are planning any day trips, other beaches that are perfect for a shelling adventure include: 

You can go on a shelling adventure on almost any Crystal Coast beach as long as you know what to look for, a keen eye and have a sense of adventure.

Tips for a Successful Shelling Adventure

Whether you are looking to check off every shell on our scavenger hunt or add to an already existing collection, there are certain tips and tricks for shelling. The best time to look for shells is after a storm because shells on the ocean floor have been churned up. 

You’ll also want to look off the beaten path by going into the water a little or venturing further up the beach. Dig near the shoreline and pick through seaweed to find shells that others may have missed.

The tools you need are simple: a shovel, bucket, and sense of adventure. While shelling is a fun way to explore the beach, there are still some important things to keep in mind. You only want to collect the shells you need while leaving the area as undisturbed as possible. 

Book Your Crystal Coast Home Away from Home

Shelling is a fun way to explore the beaches around your Emerald Isle rental from Sun-Surf Realty. After a day searching for everything from sand dollars, scotch bonnets, moon snails, and more, you’ll enjoy all the comforts of home during your North Carolina getaway. Unwind by the community pool, or enjoy a home-cooked meal as a group. 

With a variety of rentals, we have the perfect vacation rental for your next Crystal Coast escape. Learn more by calling us at 800-553-7873.

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