How to Successfully School and Vacation at the Same Time

How to Successfully School and Vacation at the Same Time

More beach time? Yes! Remote learning makes Emerald Isle beach vacation opportunities more plentiful and more easily attainable when your kids aren’t required to be physically present in a classroom. Now’s the time to take full advantage of the freedom that this type of learning provides (while it lasts!) by booking an Emerald Isle rental that meets all of your family’s needs. Here are some of our top tips for a successful blend of schooling and vacationing where learning and enjoying the best of the beach go hand-in-hand. 

1. Choose your Emerald Isle rental wisely. 

As a family, sit down and discuss what each individual needs to be able to successfully focus on the tasks that need to be completed each day while you’re away from home. Whether it’s a quiet place to log on to a Zoom call, a desk or table for written tasks, or a separate bedroom that is the designated schoolwork zone—talk about the possibilities and the things your family needs and/or wants in a vacation rental. Then take a look at your Emerald Isle rental options and find the best fit. With an array of choices when it comes to number of bedrooms, location and amenities, you won’t have any problem the right rental for you and your family.

2. Get comfortable and connected as soon as you arrive to your vacation rental.

Upon arrival, it’s best to get everyone and everything situated sooner rather than later. Assign bedrooms and get the sleeping arrangements worked out, unpack your bags, stock your fridge, set up the devices needed for online classes and/or work, and make sure the internet connection is ready to go before you actually need to use it. Being proactive is key to feeling prepared and settled in for the week ahead. 

3. Express expectations and establish boundaries.

Once you’re physically prepared, it’s time to get everyone in your family mentally prepared. Go over school schedules and virtual class times, then discuss the expectations that are in place for your combined school and vacation time. Establish boundaries so that your kids know what is expected and what the result is if goals and responsibilities are not met. Work together as a family to ensure everyone is on board and understands what to do (and what not to do) during your stay. Resolve any questions or concerns and emphasize a team mindset where everyone works together and cooperates for the whole of the family. 

Girl sitting by boat on the sand and reading a book | Sun-Surf Realty Emerald Isle Rentals
Boy working at desk during online school Girl sitting by boat on the sand and reading a book | Sun-Surf Realty Emerald Isle Rentals

4. Be open to opportunity.

Now that you know what your week ahead looks like and what your kids’ schedules are, it’s time to relax a bit. Remind yourself that although there are things to be done, you are also on vacation so there’s a lot to look forward to in the upcoming days. Keep an open mind and be willing to make adjustments to your day or week as opportunities present themselves. If it’s a beautiful beach day take the kids outside to do their assignments. Or if your kids have flexibility to complete their work at anytime, seize that beach day and pushback the schoolwork until later in the evening. If you see a great deal on a charter excursion or a sightseeing cruise, go for it and find a way to work it into your schedule if at all possible. You’ll only regret the ones you didn’t do! 

5. Look beyond the book.

Whatever your kids are studying in school right now, we guarantee that you will find some wonderful ways to tie-in what your kids are learning with real life, hands-on experiences in Emerald Isle. The NC aquarium, the local historic sites and grounds, the coastal ecosystem and more are some of the best learning tools and educational environments available. Learning comes in many forms, so look beyond the books and screens to find ways to get out and extend their learning and life experiences in the real world. From the ocean to the beaches to the town of Emerald Isle itself, and everything in between, so many awesome educational adventures in Emerald Isle await you and your family. Your kids won’t even realize all the learning that’s happening because it’s wrapped up in so much fun—and that’s the way it should be. 

6. Stay flexible.

Last but not least, stay flexible. You definitely to have a plan in place during your schoolcation, but you and your family also need to give yourselves some wiggle room if things don’t go as planned or if things aren’t going as well as intended. That’s life! Make adjustments, be open to change, and keep the big picture in mind. You’re here to for a dual purpose—and it’s a delicate balance of getting things done while still making time to enjoy the beach. Set a flexible schedule whenever possible and a maintain a positive attitude—and you’ll be planning your next Emerald Isle stay before you leave your current one. Enjoy!


How did it go and what did you do? Share with us in our comment section!

How to Successfully School and Vacation at the Same Time

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